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Packaged Bank Account Claims

Your Information

Creditline Financial will submit a claim for compensation with regard to the mis-selling of your packaged bank account on the basis that it did not match your needs.

Our service is offered on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. We will charge a fee of 39.6% (33%+ VAT) against compensation paid directly back to you. You will not be charged a fee if any redress is used to offset any arrears or outstanding balances.

You should be aware that if we proceed with making a claim that although you can continue to use the same account any associated benefits will be cancelled.


Your Bank Accounts

For each selected bank account, you will be asked for your account number and sort code:


Question Yes No
Were you initially aware that you had a packaged bank account?
When you applied for your account/loan/overdraft or mortgage, were you under the impression that in order to have your application approved you had to have a Packaged Bank Account?
Was the account upgraded without your knowledge?
Were you offered a free account?
Were the Terms & Conditions of the Packaged Bank Account fully explained to you?
Have you ever tried to cancel the Packaged Bank Account but were told you were unable to?
You were not eligible for one or more of the features of the Packaged Bank Account?
Did the bank staff pressure you into taking a Packaged Bank Account?


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