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Plevin Claims

Plevin Claim - What is it?

Susan Plevin was sold a PPI policy in 2006 to cover her secured loan from Paragon Personal Finance Ltd. She was not informed that over 71% of the PPI premium payment was commission paid to the them by the insurance company providing the cover. After discovering this Susan took her Claim to Court alleging that her relationship with Paragon was unfair due to the non-disclosure of the commission.

The Supreme Court ruled that failure by Paragon to disclose the commissions payable out of the PPI premium payment created an unfair relationship, between Susan Plevin and the Lender resulting in her being awarded compensation.

Plevin claims are also known and described as Secret commission or unfair relationship claims

Plevin claims are not affected by the PPI deadline

Claims can still be submitted

The deadline for PPI claims ended 29 August 2019, however, this deadline is NOT relevant to a Plevin claim. These claims are based on the high levels of commission alone.

Whilst a Plevin PPI Claim is made in respect of the sale of a PPI policy, the basis of a Plevin claim is different to a Mis-sold PPI Claim. A Plevin PPI Claim does not consider whether the PPI policy was suitable, instead it looks at whether the Lender failed to disclose high-level commissions earned from the PPI premiums paid by consumers when selling PPI, If they did not this would make the relationship unfair.

Although the PPI deadline has passed, Plevin PPI Claims are not subject to a deadline. This is because the Claim is based on a different area of law, namely the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Who can make a Plevin claim

If you did not receive a full refund of all of the money you had paid for your PPI policy. Your lender will have rejected the mis-selling of the PPI and only paid you a small amount of the commission they received, as the average commission on PPI policies was 67% you may be due a further refund.

Rejected Claims - If you previously submitted a claim prior to the PPI deadline and it was rejected, it can now be re-assessed enabling a new claims to be re-submitted if you meet the Plevin criteria.

Missed Claims: You may have thought that you were not sold or mis-sold PPI and have not submitted a claim. If this is the case, claims can now be submitted on the basis that you were not aware of the PPI or the high level of sales commission being paid.


Your lender may NOT have disclosed all instances of when PPI has been charged to you in the past. This has happened on a regular basis leaving a high number of past claimants under compensated.

If your past claims were submitted via a claims company offering a FREE PPI Check service they would have used a pre-submission request service introduced by the banks to provide a speedy response to identify a persons account which included PPI. Once accounts that included PPI were identified and confirmed by the banks, the claims company would have then investigated to confirm if a claim could be submitted on the basis of mis-selling.

Claims companies had been confident that all PPI charged was revealed by the banks using the pre-submission request service. However, this is NOT true. Evidence now exists that proves otherwise.

Audits carried out against the results of pre-submission requests have uncovered regular instances where banks have not revealed all accounts that included PPI leaving a high number of consumers under compensated. This refers to virtually all the banks not just one or two of them.


Our audits uncovered that 43% of people who had submitted claims after participating in a FREE PPI CHECK had additional claims that had not been submitted

I have already been compensated, can I claim again under Plevin guidelines

If you have previously claimed PPI before the deadline and your Lender offered you full redress, they were required to put you in the position you would have been in if the PPI had not been sold to you. This means that you have been fully compensated and cannot claim again based on Plevin guidelines.

I submitted a claim but my lender said I was not mis-sold, Can I now make a further claim based on Plevin guidelines

If your PPI Claim was rejected, we will check the details of your rejected claim and confirm if you are eligible to make a new claim based on the Plevin guidelines.

Can I make the claim direct myself?

The only way to make a Plevin PI Claim is via a litigated claims process, which may involve the commencement of legal proceedings against your lender. You can check for eligibility yourself based on the guidelines issued and appoint a solicitor to represent you who has the relevant experience.

If you OPTED for a FREE PPI CHECK with a claims company you must watch this editorial.

If you submitted claims yourself without the assistance of a claims company you must watch this editorial.

Our Nominated Solicitors

Who are your nominated Solicitors?

Our nominated Solicitors are experienced in dealing with Plevin claims. Our Solicitor will support you through the Plevin PPI claims process ensuring that you are not only compensated, but also kept informed throughout the process and given clear, jargon-free advice on your options.

What will the Solicitor do for me?

Once we have established that you have claims that fit the Plevin criteria we will introduce you to our nominated Solicitor. The Solicitor will then undertake a further assessment of the merits of your claim

The Solicitor will negotiate with your Lender on your behalf throughout your claim in an attempt to obtain compensation. The solicitor will advise you if your lender then makes a offer of compensation and guide you its fairness.

What are your Solicitors fees?

The Solicitor will offer to represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis charging a fee of 40% plus VAT on any successful claim made.

Will I have to go to court?

Your Claim may be settled without you having to appear in Court. But, if your case does go to Court, the Legal Partner will support you through the process and will arrange for you to be represented at any hearing.

Our Plevin claim service is designed to investigate and confirm if you have a claim to make. The process is simple and will only take you a minute to commence, then sit back and wait for the results.

You do not need to use a claims management company to assess your eligibility for a Plevin Claim. You are free to seek advice elsewhere and are able to proceed with your Claim directly through an alternate solicitor.