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PPI claims deadline likely to be in 2018 but financial firms who mis-sold it will have to fund an £42m awareness campaign first

The FCA believes that introducing a deadline – alongside a high profile campaign to highlight it – will prompt many into action.

The FCA adds it will help consumers to ‘potentially get redress sooner and give some of them the opportunity to pay off costly debt.’

It comes as complaints continue to tail-off. Ombudsman data in September revealed compensation complaints were down 17 per cent in first-half of 2015.

PPI was sold relentlessly to borrowers alongside credit products pre-2009. It was meant to help repay some or all of their borrowing if they lost their income for a period – if, for example, they had an accident, became unemployed or sick.
PPI was most typically mis-sold alongside personal loans, followed by credit cards and mortgages.

Since 2007, firms have handled over 16.5million PPI complaints – with three quarters upheld. In total, more than 12million Britons have claimed back £21billion redress.

The FCA says: ‘Consumers who are unhappy about PPI should continue to complain to the firms concerned and to the Financial Ombudsman Service if they are not satisfied with the response.

‘Making such complaints is free to consumers and most people should not need to use a claims management company to assist them. Consumers who intend to complain about PPI should do so as soon as possible.’

Data shows that a third of complaints are now made via claims management firms which charge a fee if they claim the cash back.

But the FCA adds that recent complainants who had taken their case directly to a firm, rather than using a CMC, often found the process simpler and more straightforward than they were expecting.

The paper sets out the full detail of the proposed new rules and guidance, evidence considered, reasons for proposing them and an assessment of their costs and benefits.

Those with views on the proposals set out in the consultation paper have three months to respond. Any comments or evidence have to be sent to the FCA by 26 February 2016.

Article taken from – This Is Money

Posted by M Carey on 02 Dec 2015

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