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Ombudsman Flooded With PPI Claims

It has been revealed that over 1,000 people per week are making complaints to their ombudsman service after having their PPI claims turned down by the banks, revealing massive under-estimation in the initial estimated figures for this year, which were totaled at 46,000.

The service also revealed that it is upholding between eight or nine of every ten complaints, noting that the banks are repeatedly not investigating customer claims to the sufficient standard. PPI is also the most complained about product by a considerable difference.

It is considered likely that thousands of people who are entitled to make a claim regarding PPI will never do so, simply because they are unaware of PPI laws and rules. The Financial Services Authority has revealed that whilst 260,000 initial claims regarding PPIs were made, only 41,000 were made to the ombudsman.

PPI Insurance recently came under very heavy criticism because of reports that found it had been mis-sold to large amounts of customers who would be ineligible to actually claim it. There was also controversy because certain financial institutions had pressured customers into accepting it as part of a loan or credit card.

A spokesperson for the F.O.S stated that banks ‘still need to improve the way that they handle PPI complaints’, and that the F.O.S would continue to work with the regulator’ when it saw banks treating customers unfairly.

A new set of guidelines for how PPI complaints will have to be handled is in development by the FSA, and they have warned that 185,000 old claims may have to be re-assessed.

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Posted by Shaun Edwards on 13 Jul 2010

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