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Creditline Financial reclaim missold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for individuals and couples on their mortgages, loans, credit and store cards as well as on their car finance. We are asking people to look very carefully at any financial transactions they have or may have had to establish if it had a PPI policy. If they do have PPI it may well have been missold and we are able to reclaim the money paid as well as any interest due.

Potential monies owed to policyholders stem from the massive payment protection scandal of the last 30 years. The top 4 high street banks have all set aside over £5bn for compensation claims. With the vast majority of policies sold deemed “not fit for purpose” many client/s were unaware that:

• self employed individuals were not covered;
• they had taken out the PPI policy in the first place;
• they were able to purchase the PPI policy elsewhere; or
• the sales person would receive a commission and what that commission was

These are just some of the reasons why a policy has been missold. Creditline Financial specialise in retrieving your money, quickly and hassle-free, with no obligations and no upfront fees.

The procedure can be drawn out and time consuming, but with our knowledge of the process we only ask individuals to complete a claims pack for each claim they may have. On completion, if a claim is identified it will be sent to our processing team and on to the relevant financial institution. If the claim is not paid in the appropriate complaints period then the claim will be referred to the Financial Ombudsman.

On receipt of the compensation, the individuals will be asked to make a payment of 25% + VAT of the overall compensation obtained to Creditline Financial for our services. The company however, will provide free upfront advice irrespective of the amount involved.

What our customers are saying:
“I couldn’t believe the process was so simple, I applied online and Creditline did the rest. In a few weeks I received £1,152.63. I highly recommend them.”
Helen Porter

“I completed the claims pack and Creditline Financial did the rest. I received back £3,178.96 on a loan which I never thought I would receive”.
Tim Rex

You could be the next individual to be entitled to receive your money back so why not talk to Creditline Financial today. For full details refer to terms and conditions or visit our website at

Posted by Chris White on 06 Oct 2011

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