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How To Tell If You’re Eligible For A PPI Refund

With the ever increasing concern regarding missold payment protection still circling the financial industry, it’s not that much of a surprise to discover that many consumers are still confused regarding PPI law and rules. That’s why the experts at Creditline Financial have come up with these ways to tell if you’re eligible to claim a missold payment protection refund:

First of all, the loan that you believe may have been attached to payment protection must be less than six years old. Whilst there is still the chance of you claiming if it’s older, your chances of success will be severely reduced. Though you’re still eligible to try, of course.

If you were unemployed at the time you took the loan out, you would have a very strong case for miss-selling, as this would render the employment cover (a standard past of missold payment protection) null and void, and would thusly affect the contract.

If you were self-employed, this is also the basis for serious grounds of mis-selling, as those who are or were self-employed are in fact not eligible for payment protection and so would have been unable to claim in the first place.

Another primary problem with missold payment protection is if you were pressured to take it alongside a loan or credit card, and were assured that it would be easier to obtain if you accepted the PPI.

For more information on PPI law and rules and for information as to how you could obtain up to £15,000 in missold payment protection.

Posted by Shaun Edwards on 14 Dec 2010

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