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Consumers Still Unaware on How to Claim Back PPI

Despite the stories rumbling on and on, longer than a big name football transfer saga that never materializes, payment protection insurance is still baffling a huge number of consumers. Large numbers of the British public have been affected by the missold insurance policies and are unaware as to how to claim back PPI, or that they’re even eligible to put in an application to claim their money back.

A lot of those affected have been put off making a claim because of what they perceive to be long and complex applications, while others simply don’t understand how to approach the subject of getting their money back, even if they are aware that they could be owed thousands.

Several of the largest consumer groups, including Money Saving Expert and Which? have attempted to increase the pressure on the banks to make refunds simpler and quicker – only £3.5 billion of an estimated £10 billion has been returned – and Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert feels that many customers are “naturally intimidated” by the process.

To make a claim is actually relatively simple. If you are affected by any of the following points, you are eligible to put in a claim:

• You were told that you had to buy a PPI policy from the same firm that sold you the loan or credit card
• You were told that the product was compulsory
• The salesperson was ‘pushy’ when trying to sell you the product
• Was it made clear to you that the product was optional?
• Were you told that in order to qualify for the product you had to sign up to an insurance product too?
• Were you told that there is a cooling-off period when you can change your mind?
• Did a sales person suggest that it would be more expensive for you if you didn’t take out PPI?
• Was it implied that you needed to purchase PPI in order to qualify for the product?
• If you had an agreement taken out before mid-2007 you may have had to uncheck a tick box to opt out of PPI. If this is the case you were mis-sold the product.
• Were you unemployed or retired when you took put the product? If so, the unemployment cover is worthless and this should have been pointed out to you at the time.

If you meet any of these cases, then you should get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of all of the legal and financial disputes and get your money back as soon as possible.

Posted by Chris White on 30 Aug 2012

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