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Choosing The Right Management Company To Reclaim Your PPI

When seeking to reclaim your missold payment protection, there are inevitably many companies out there waiting to help you. However, as with any market, there are unfortunately companies that can’t be trusted to do a good job, and to provide a sufficient service for the money the charge. Here to help, we’ve come up with five tips that will help you choose the right company.

Don’t use a company that requests an up-front fee. The simple fact is that there are companies out there who will work on reclaiming missold payment protection without requesting an up-front fee for their services. The regulators of the industry, the Ministry of Justice, has openly discouraged companies from charging up-front fees, noting that it removes the incentive for the company to work hard on your behalf. This is perfectly true: with no up-front fees, the company will work as hard as possible on your behalf, as the more money you get, the more they get!

Always be aware of hidden charges. If a company is charging very low initial fees (between 10-20%), then it likely that they will spring hidden charges on you later on for such things as administration and document handling. Make sure that you are given the complete amount that you will be charged for in advance of signing any deal with anyone.

Make sure that the Ministry of Justice regulates the company. If the company is not regulated by the MOJ, then it means that they are not accountable to the government, which will put you into a very situation in the event of a dispute. The Ministry of Justice has a list of participating companies on their website.

Always know who’s communicating with the banks on your behalf. You need a trained professional working for you: that’s why you’re paying any money in the first place! If you’re unable to confirm if the person writing on your behalf is trained in reclaiming missold payment protectio, then the company may not be trust-worthy.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
False promises are a sure sign that the company is less than trust-worthy. Any company that 100% guarantees to reclaim money, or guarantees a time-frame for the recovery is likely to be making promises it can’t keep. No company in this area can offer guaranteed amounts, and any one that does is lying.

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Posted by Shaun Edwards on 28 Sep 2010

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