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Banks To Pay Out PPI Claims

Losing money is an extremely stressful and upsetting situation, especially when it is money that has been wrongly taken from you. Has your bank unwillingly deceived you into buying payment protection insurance when you have not needed it? Are you stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do? Here at Creditline Financial we are here to help you to ensure you are reclaiming PPI effectively and efficiently.

Recently, the banking industry has abandoned its legal battle of the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, misleading thousands of customers who have been missold and forced into receiving the policies to claim compensation. Lloyds Banking Group has recently informed customers it is setting aside £3.2 billion to compensate for wrongly selling PPI but how quickly will this money be distributed? Typically, there is no specified timescale in place.

This is where Creditline Financial come in to help. Our friendly and supportive team will ensure the correct amount of money is returned to you not only promptly but also securely, and in full.

We will ensure reclaiming PPI is not only a simple but stress free process for you. Like Lloyds, Barclays have recently announced it shall begin to process complaints from customers who were previously ignored, but how long will this take and should you as a customer have to wait for your bank to correct a mistake deliberately made?

Creditline Financial’s average claim is over £2000 which you may well be entitled to. With no up-front fees or hassle, we are here for you every step of the way. We understand what a stressful situation losing money is. Our trained and experienced team is here to help you, answering and dealing with your questions and queries no matter how big or small.

Call today on 01733 393399 to talk to our experts and receive the money that is yours and owed to you with no fuss or hassle.

Posted by Chris White on 27 Oct 2011

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