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As a potential client, we realise that you may want to know a little more about Payment Protection Insurance – this page will explain a little more about how the process works.

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How to Claim Back PPI

Banks. Whether we like it or not, it is our once fine institutions that really run the UK and their immense power can often leave us – their loyal customers – feeling defenceless and often bemused by the increasingly complex ways in which they make money out of us.

Claim Back PPIPPI, or Payment Protection Insurance, is, or was one of those sneaky techniques used to squeeze yet more out of our already battered wallets and thousands of UK bank customers ended up paying, and are still paying £1,000s for potentially worthless PPI cover.

Now, while we have said all of this, intrinsically PPI Insurance is not a bad idea as it can, if sold correctly, offer you very real insurance cover to help you meet repayments if you were to have an accident or lose your job. The problem lies in how some banks and loan companies missold PPI telling you that you simply had to take it as part of the loan package.

Most mis sold PPI happened several years ago as the regulators have tightened down on many companies handing out hefty fines to ensure they tow the line, but it does still occasionally take place with new loans, even today.

So, how do you know if you were missold PPI and need to claim back PPI insurance? This guide is designed to explain the process as simply as possible so that you can work out if you could claim back thousands of pounds through Creditline Financial…


Missold PPI Example

PPI was mis sold in many ways but this is a typical story of how it might have happened to you: Six years ago you found a great rate for a £3,000 loan, so you gave the company a call. They offered you a 'fully protected loan' for what sounds like a good rate and so you agree to go with it.

What you might think is a good deal monthly could actually include, or have included, as much as 25% of the fee for insurance that you didn't know you had or needed!

That means that if you had a £5,000 loan at, say 7% interest, you'd have repaid the £5,000 borrowed plus £950 in interest.

Yet the insurance adds £1,500. Ouch!

Bodies like the Financial Services Authority and Financial Ombudsmen got really annoyed about this practice and have taken many a loan and PPI company to task.

Claim Back PPIWhat it has meant is that more and more people are now aware of the fact that the precedent has now been set by test cases and claiming back PPI insurance is actually a pretty straightforward process.

There are around 20 million PPI policies in the UK, generating around £5 billion a year for the companies involved and only a tiny amount of that has been claimed back so far. With loans for such things as car insurance thought to be as much as 78% of the loan total it can be a very profitable experience to claim back your PPI.

In order to find out by far the best course of action is to talk to one of the Creditline experts. Our team will then run through the terms and conditions of your PPI agreement, if you have such a thing. The important thing is WHAT YOU WERE TOLD WHEN YOU AGREED THE LOAN.


The following are the key mis selling categories:
1. Being sold or told the wrong thing that you did not ask for. Straightforward case!
2. Were you unemployed or retired at the time? If so check if you were excluded in the Ts and Cs.
3. Have you had a medical problem that excluded you from your PPI Insurance?

Is your PPI Claim valid?

Other things to start thinking about if you are thinking of claiming include:

  • Did your policy start in the last six years?
  • Is your policy older? If your policy ended over six years ago and you do not have the paperwork: It's unlikely there will be records and unlikely the reclaim will be successful.

If you can say yes to either of the above then you should fill out our enquiry form so we can get your claim under way.


How much could you claim back?

The amount our customers receive clearly varies widely and is usually tied to the size of the initial loan they took out and over what period of time they took it out for.

We have created the table below to give you a VERY rough estimate of what you may expect based on your PPI being 15% of your total repayment each month. It can be more than 30%.

Monthly Repayment

Loan Length

Total Cost (Length x Repayment)

Estimated Insurance Cost (15% of Total)


3 years




5 years




5 years




7 years




20 years